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Obtain your child's pillow size in 2 ways:

(a) Just enter your child's age
(b) Enter the height, weight, shoe size, and age of your child

Please note that the most accurate way to obtain the correct pillow size is option (b). We do not retain any of the information that you enter into the size calculator.


Kids' Pillow Sizes

As your child grows, you ensure they are in the right size shoes and the right size clothes, and maybe don’t realise the importance of the right height child's pillow.

Each of our five kid's sized pillows has been carefully designed by one of the UK’s leading Osteopaths. The pillow height has been calibrated to encourage optimum support for your child’s head and neck while they sleep.

The Goldilocks Measuring System for Children is a pillow height sizing algorithm specifically designed for kids. This system is based from when a child moves out of a cot bed to 14 years of age (or around 157cm in height).

Your child spends at least a third of their young lives asleep in bed and as with shoes that are too big or too small, a pillow that is too high or too low may lead to problems.

Better support for your child’s head and neck while they lie down could help them sleep better and prevent future back and neck problems.

Pillows do wear out, our children can be on them for 12 hours or more every night.  As our children grow we know they need bigger shoes, in the same way they may need the next size up pillow too. We suggest changing your child’s pillow every 12-18 months, depending on the number of pillow fights!

To ensure your child is on the correct size kids’ pillow please do use the size calculator before re-ordering. When you register you’ll receive automatic reminders.

Caring for your child doesn’t stop when you say goodnight, with our pillows you continue caring for your kid... beyond bedtime. 

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