Fact: Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep is a significant hidden factor in lowering the achievement of school pupils. Recently published research by Boston College in the USA found that the school performance of up to 73% of 9 and 10 year olds was adversely affected by insufficient sleep.

If you are unable to concentrate you are unable to achieve at your optimal level. Sleep is a fundamental need for all children. In my clinics more parents have brought their children to me for treatment because their child will not sleep than all other conditions put together. We as parents realise the importance of sleep not only for our kids but also for ourselves. There is no doubt that a child that sleeps well is more mentally and physically able than children that do not get enough quality sleep.

There is no one solution that will enable all children to sleep well. We need to look at and try to influence those factors that can encourage our children to sleep better. The most obvious ones are a good bedtime routine, no television, computers, electronic games or mobile phones near to bedtime. The correct bedroom temperature and appropriate bedding are also important.

 Lack of sleep can often be the factor between a high performing child and an average one. Without adequate sleep the brain struggles to absorb and retain ideas. The good news is that getting enough sleep on a regular basis will restore learning ability.