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Sleep affecting school results.

Posted 14/06/2013 by Prof Sleep

Fact: Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep is a significant hidden factor in lowering the achievement of school pupils. Recently published research by Boston College in the USA found that the school performance of up to 73% of 9 and 10 year olds was adversely affected by insufficient sleep.

If you are unable to concentrate you are unable to achieve at your optimal level. Sleep is a fundamental need for all children. In my clinics more parents have brought their children to me for treatment because their child will not sleep than all other conditions put together. We as...

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Kids' bedrooms

Posted 21/06/2013 by Prof Sleep

For most children their bedroom is far more than just the place where they go to sleep. It is the place where they play, study, listen to music, read and perhaps watch TV. For many it is also the place they go to be alone away from pestering siblings or, for that matter, parents! 

While all of these activities are important for our child’s development the part that sleep plays in this process cannot be overemphasised. So how can we make our Kid’s bedrooms fulfil all of the demands that a child needs of their room and still ensure that they...

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Kids' travel pillow

Posted 21/06/2013 by Prof Sleep


Having been on numerous trips away from home and consequently sleeping in different beds the one thing above all the others, for me,  that makes the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and spending hours awake is the pillow. 

My eldest daughter travelled to Germany last year on a school trip. After being away for 2 nights she telephoned to say that, while she missed us, the thing she missed most was her pillow!

For a child their pillow is more than the thing that they put their head and fall asleep on. It can be something that gives them the...

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Myth busting_1

Posted 06/06/2013 by Daddydaycare

There are lots of old wives tales and general myths around child’s sleep and bedding. We’re here to dispel the rumours and give you the facts so you can make an informed decision:

MYTH:   I don’t need to manage my child’s sleep. I believe in spontaneity and letting them go to sleep when they are ready. 

FACT: As parents we need to manage our children’s sleep routine just as you manage when they eat, how much activity and stimulation they get and other vital areas of your child’s life. This doesn’t mean following a ridge schedule but rather making sure your...

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