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Like you, we are parents and nothing is more precious to us than our children. We understand the importance of nurturing, caring and the safety of our children, so we launched Beyond Bedtime in 2013, to bring innovation and our experience to children’s sleep.

Under the guidance of one of the UK’s leading Osteopaths, with over 20 years’ experience in the field of treating babies and children, we have developed our unique set of pillows that can better support your child’s head and neck whilst they sleep. 

We believe quality is everything. Quality is the essence of our company. We are passionate about quality - the hallmark of Beyond Bedtime. The quality of our designs, the quality of our products, the quality of our customer service and most importantly the quality of sleep your child can get. 

Beyond Bedtime is part of Goldilocks Pillows Ltd. 

We are committed to ethical and responsible business practices.

We also recognise that our activities impact on both the local and national environments and as such, we are committed to protecting the environment through continual improvement of our environmental performance and prevention of pollution where possible.

Our green credentials:

  1. We use minimal packaging- our pillows and duvets are also vacuum packed reducing their carbon impact in transportation.
  2. Our cotton is 100% unbleached, un-dyed and untreated making the production process kinder to the environment.
  3. Our logistics company ensures that every parcel sent is carbon neutral - at no extra cost to the customer.
  4. Our plastic packaging is eco-friendly and when we use cardboard it is fully recyclable and untreated with chemicals.
  5. We only print on recycled paper and use eco-friendly ink.
  6. We email whenever possible to reduce our paper consumption.

Other activities which may not save the world overnight, but will all help in the long run....


Charities we support


Each year we choose two charities to support. For 2016 the charities we are supporting are:

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue: saving the lives of stray and unwanted dogs, as well as those impounded by the Police. They have a non-destruction policy believing that somewhere there is a kind and permanent home for every dog.

Cancer Research UK: Childhood cancers: Allowing more children to beat cancer and live their lives with fewer side effects from their treatment.


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